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JUNE 16, 2003, RED STREAK - A Styling, Profiling Debut of Fashion Stardom


Chicago's fashion scene got a kick in the pants last week at the launch party for Chicago Fashion Foundation (CFF), a newly formed group dedicated to promoting up-and-coming members of Chicago's design community.

"CFF is going to be very clear on making a point that this town is just as important as New York and L.A.," says Lana Fertelmeister, 28, president and founder of the foundation. "We're hoping that this organization can help put Chicago on the map in the fashion industry."

More than 300 people attended the kick-off party and fashion show featuring nine local boutiques and designers at Clout, 1248 W. George, a new South Beach-style lounge in Lincoln Park. Aria models were draped in clothes from iCandy, Smack boutique and Nicchia as well as pieces by designer Orlando Espinoza, purses by Susan Fitch and Fertelmeister's signature jewelry line, Lana Unlimited.

CFF's mission is clear: To make the second city a fashion capital. The group's 12 founders see a need for an organization that will reach out to young designers hoping to make a splash on the international fashion scene. Says Fertelmeister, "Above all, we want to teach people that they can be successful without moving to the East or West Coasts."

They're off to a stylish start.


Susanna Homan works at PR 21, a Chicago public relations firm. Having a party? Contact Susanna at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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